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Available now! 3/1/24

🐾 Meet Aesir - The Goddess of Beauty and Grace! 🐾

Step into the enchanting world of Aesir, a name that resonates with Norse godly grace. Picture a stunning feline, about nine months old, adorned in a coat of smooth orange with a touch of white on her nose, legs, and belly. She’s a vision of femininity, with beautiful green eyes that hold an angelic allure.

Aesir’s journey started when she was just a tiny soul abandoned by the world. We’ve showered her with love, and now she’s ready to find her forever home.

Key Features:

• Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and flea medicated.

• FIV and FELV negative, ensuring a healthy, vibrant life.

Despite her delicate appearance, Aesir has a skittish demeanor. However, the moment trust is established, her purrs resonate like a melody. She’s kind to other cats, displaying a gentle spirit.

Adoption Insights:

• Adoption Fee: $50

• Ideal as an indoor cat, potentially transitioning to indoor/outdoor life once comfortable.

• Aesir’s past as a little wanderer makes her appreciate the warmth and safety of a loving home.

To welcome the goddess Aesir into your life, reach out to Beverley Faye at Popoki Puna Sanctuary via email:

Let’s find Aesir her forever sanctuary. Mahalo for spreading the word! 🌺🐾


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