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"Baby Yoda"

🐾 In Need of Donations to help Cure his FIP:

Meet Baby Yoda - A Survivor's Tale! 🏡

Name: Baby Yoda 🌟 Breed: American Shorthair 🇺🇸 Age: Approximately 8 months 🎂 Gender: Male 🚹

About Baby Yoda:

Baby Yoda's journey is one of resilience and hope. He and his sister were born in a barn, but their start in life was filled with challenges. At just 2 weeks of age, they were brought to us because they were very sick. Baby Yoda's sister has been adopted and is now living a healthy life. Unfortunately, Baby Yoda contracted FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), a challenging and often life-threatening condition. He has the wet form of FIP but is managing it remarkably well. We've done everything possible to treat and cure this ailment, and the cost for his 20-day treatment is $280, with the full treatment estimated at around $800. Baby Yoda is an incredibly loving cat, having been bottle-fed, and he's an exceptional cuddle buddy. While he's still a bit sniffly and has a lingering cough, we are dedicated to getting him back to full health. Please consider donating to our cause so we can continue to treat and cure his FIP.

🌟 Personality: Baby Yoda is a purr machine and gets along famously with all cats and dogs. He's a true sweetheart who deserves a chance at a full life.

Brief Description:

  • Coat: Short hair, orange and white

  • Appearance: Round belly


  • Fixed/Spayed, Vaxxed, Dewormed, Flea Medicated

  • Small Ear Clip

Health Issues/Concerns: FIP

Cost to Adopt:

  • 1 Cat: $30

  • 2 Cats: $40

  • 3 Cats: $50

Estimated Monthly Care Costs:

  • $5 for Food & Shelter

  • $5 for Medications

  • $5 for Dewormer & Flea Treatment

  • $5 for Litter

  • $50 for Spay/Neuter

  • $800+ for Vet Costs

Adoption Details: 📍 Location: Pahoa, HI 96778 📱 Call/Text: Beverley Faye at 808-443-7892 🌐 Website: 📘 Facebook: Popoki Puna Sanctuary 📧 Email:

Baby Yoda's story is a testament to the power of love and care. Let's come together to give this survivor the care he deserves. Contact Beverley Faye to learn more about Baby Yoda and how you can help him. 🏡🐾❤️

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