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Bishlam the Bobtailed Tuxedo!


Bishlam is looking for his Furever home!

Meet Bishlam, the perfect companion you’ve been looking for!

About Bishlam

  • Age: Approx. 1 year old

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair - Tuxedo

Here’s Bishlam:

Bishlam is an adorable one-year-old tuxedo cat with a charming bob tail that adds a touch of unique flair to his dapper look. He’s ready to bring joy and love into his furever home! Bishlam has been neutered and his distinct tuxedo markings make him stand out as a true little gentleman. Sweet, affectionate, and smart, Bishlam would make the perfect addition to a loving home.

Bishlam was found in Wa’a Wa’a, needing medical attention, but now he’s a thriving and happy cat, thanks to the care he received. His tail had to be amputated, but that doesn’t slow him down one bit! His fur is short and soft, and he’s growing his fur back beautifully. Let Bishlam’s bob tail and delightful personality win you over!

Brief Description

  • Temperament & Personality: Bishlam is friendly with other cats and enjoys human company. He's a purr machine who loves attention and playtime.

  • Best suited for: Indoors or indoor/outdoor living.

  • Health Concerns: None known. Bishlam is healthy and ready for a new start!


Contact Information:

Note: Bishlam is not currently at the Popoki Puna Cat Sanctuary. He is being cared for by a separate individual who is seeking to rehome him. If you're interested in giving Bishlam a loving home, please contact Roz Ayotte on Facebook or via email for more information and to arrange a meeting.

Roz Ayotte:

Rehoming Fee: Unknown.

Give Bishlam a chance at his furever home, and you’ll be gaining a loyal and loving friend for life! Let’s find him the purfect family!

*Age & Breed are simply an educated guess based off of the feline's appearance*


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