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"Mr. Prince"

🐾 Available for Adoption: Meet Mr. Prince! 🏡

About Mr. Prince 🎩:

Breed: American Shorthair 🇺🇸 / Tuxedo Age: Approximately 1 year old 🎂 Gender: Male 🚹

If you're in search of a loving and charming companion, look no further than Mr. Prince. This delightful Tuxedo cat is not only visually stunning with his black and white coat, but he's also a sweetheart. He's got a special look, featuring white fur underneath his sleek black coat, making him the James Bond of the cat world.

Here's what you should know about him:

🌟 Personality: Mr. Prince is a sweet and affectionate feline who adores the company of both humans and fellow cats. He's the ideal gentleman and gets along beautifully with his feline friends. If you're seeking a sociable and easygoing cat, Mr. Prince is your guy.

🏠 Background:

Mr. Prince was discovered at a cat colony, but he had other ideas. He walked right up to his rescuer, expressing his desire for love and attention. Since then, he's been a loving and trouble-free companion with no known health issues.

🪶 Physical Description:

This dapper tuxedo cat flaunts a fashionable black and white coat. He has a small clip on his left ear, adding to his unique charm.

🏡 Ideal Home:

Mr. Prince would thrive in an indoor-only environment or a home with safe outdoor access. His lovable personality makes him a great match for families looking for an affectionate and sociable pet.


Mr. Prince is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormed, and receives regular flea medication.

Health Issues/Concerns:

Mr. Prince has no known health concerns such as sensitive skin, a sensitive stomach, eye issues, or herpes.

Cost to Adopt:
  • 1 Cat: $30

  • 2 Cats: $40

  • 3 Cats: $50

Estimated Monthly Care Costs:
  • $5 for Food & Shelter

  • $5 for Medications

  • $5 for Dewormer & Flea Treatment

  • $5 for Litter

  • $50 for Spay/Neuter

Age and breed are educated guesses based on the feline's appearance.

Consider adopting Mr. Prince and provide him with the forever home he deserves. Your love and care can make a world of difference in his life.

We are dedicated to responsible pet adoption and will conduct a thorough screening process to ensure Mr. Prince finds his perfect forever home. Adoption fees will apply to cover his vaccinations and care.

Please share this post with your friends and family to help us find Mr. Prince the loving home he's been waiting for. Let's make sure Mr. Prince's journey to his "furever" home begins soon. 🐾❤️

Contact Beverley Faye to learn more about how you can make this dashing tuxedo cat a part of your family. 🏡🐾❤️


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