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"Mr. Void"

Available Now! 3/1/24

🐾 Meet Mr. Void - The Epitome of Feline Chill! 🐾

Allow me to paint a picture of utter chillness named Mr. Void. Picture a black-coated charmer with a round face and splashes of white. He’s not just a cat; he’s the epitome of adorable. The moment you step into the catio, here comes Mr. Void, running and ready for leg pets.

With a heart full of love and a purr that could melt the toughest hearts, Mr. Void is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. I’d guess he’s around eight or nine months old, and oh boy, has he mastered the art of tranquility.

This handsome fellow is the full package—fixed, microchipped, dewormed, and flea medicated. His FIV and FELV tests came back negative, confirming he’s a picture of health. Now, let’s talk about his social prowess; he’s a team player, getting along seamlessly with other cats. No growls or hisses, just pure feline camaraderie.

Mr. Void dreams of a home where he can be an indoor, possibly indoor-outdoor cat, sharing his chill vibes with humans and possibly even some canine pals. His adoption fee is a reasonable $50.

If you’re ready to welcome the chill master, Mr. Void, into your life, reach out to Beverley Faye at Popoki Puna Sanctuary via email:

Let’s find Mr. Void his forever chill haven. Mahalo for spreading the word! 🌺🐾


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