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Available when fixed!

🐾 Meet Tuxedo - The Sweet and Scared Handsome Boy! 🐾

Imagine a dashing black and white fellow named Tuxedo, around 8 months old. Picture his sweet demeanor, intact but absolutely healthy. While Tuxedo has a touch of shyness, don’t let that fool you—he’s a purring sweetheart.

Tuxedo’s striking coat tells a story of outdoor adventures, brought to us by a kind soul who noticed a feral mama’s kittens. Despite his initial trepidation, the moment I cradled him, he began to purr, revealing a heart eager for warmth and care.

This handsome boy hasn’t had his vaccinations or the snip-snip yet, but his health is top-notch.

FIV/FELV negative

Now, about the adoption dance, there’s a modest $30 rehoming fee, or whatever feels right in your heart as a donation.

Socially, Tuxedo handled introductions like a champ. While three other males were growling, Tuxedo remained calm, showcasing his gentle nature. I envision him in a caring home, possibly indoor-outdoor, but let’s keep him indoors for at least two weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

For the final touch, let’s talk about getting him fixed. Whether it’s through the community heroes at PetFix or the angels at Good Karma, discussions await.

To bring Tuxedo’s purrs into your life, connect with Beverley Faye at Popoki Puna Sanctuary via email:

Help Tuxedo find his forever home. Mahalo for sharing the love! 🌺🐾


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