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Meet Cleopatra!


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• Name: Cleopatra

• Age: 5-6 months

• Gender: Female

• Coloring: black and brown swirling tabby with white spots

• Eye Color: amber

• Breed: domestic shorthair


Health Information:


Cleopatra had been spayed, dewormed, and vaccinated, and she received regular flea medication. Her health was a priority, so she had also been tested for FIV and FELV, with results indicating she was free from both diseases.




Cleopatra, the teenage feline with a regal air, had known only the comfort and security of indoor life since the day she was born. Despite her young age of eight months, she carried herself with a confidence and grace that belied her sheltered upbringing.


Her coat, a mesmerizing blend of swirling black and brown tabby patterns adorned with striking white spots, spoke to the untamed beauty that lay within her. Though she had never felt the rough pavement beneath her paws or the cool breeze of the night air on her fur, Cleopatra's spirit remained as wild and free as her ancestors'.


Within the confines of her indoor kingdom, Cleopatra ruled with a gentle yet determined paw. She spent her days exploring every nook and cranny of her domain, her amber eyes alight with curiosity and wonder. From her perch by the window, she watched the world outside with a mixture of fascination and contentment, secure in the knowledge that she was safe and loved.


Though she may have been sheltered from the dangers of the outside world, Cleopatra's adventurous spirit knew no bounds. With each playful leap and graceful pounce, she embraced the joys of indoor life, a modern-day queen reigning over her own palace of comfort and luxury.


Why You’ll Love Adopting [Cat’s Name]:

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  • Returning an Adopted Kitty:

    *We will always take our kitties back but cannot give refunds*

  • Kitty Adoption Information:

    All kitties have been Spayed/Neutered, Dewormed, Flea Medicated, received their first Vaccination and Tested Negitive for FIV & FeLV.

  • Discounts Available:

    Use the Coupon Code: ADOPT TWO If you choose to adopt more than one kitty 🐾

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