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Name: Hestia

Age: approx. 7 months old

Gender: female

Coloring: dark tortoise shell

Eye Color: amber

Breed: [Breed of the cat, if known]

Health Information:

• Spayed/Neutered: Yes

• Dewormed: Yes

• Flea Medicated: Yes

• Vaccinated: Yes

• Tested for FIV and FELV: Yes


Hestia, the dark tortoiseshell, embodies a captivating blend of warmth, affection, and grace. Her personality is as multifaceted as her stunning coat, with layers of complexity that only add to her charm. Hestia is a true bundle of love, known for her gentle demeanor and unwavering devotion to her human companions. Whether curled up in a cozy spot or gracefully exploring her surroundings, she exudes an aura of tranquility and contentment. Despite her regal appearance, Hestia is approachable and affectionate, readily showering those around her with soft purrs and tender gestures of affection. With her nurturing nature and boundless capacity for love, Hestia enriches the lives of those fortunate enough to share their home with her, creating a sense of warmth and belonging that is truly unparalleled.

Why You’ll love adopting Hestia :

You'll adore adopting Hestia because she brings a unique blend of warmth, affection, and elegance into your life. With her gentle demeanor and unwavering devotion, Hestia creates a tranquil and loving atmosphere in any home. Her affectionate nature and graceful presence will fill your days with joy and comfort, while her soothing purrs and gentle gestures will melt away stress and bring a sense of peace to your heart. By welcoming Hestia into your life, you'll experience the boundless love and companionship that only a cherished pet like her can provide, enriching your life in ways you never thought possible.

  • Returning an Adopted Kitty

    We will always take our kitties back but cannot give refunds.

  • Discounts Available:

    Use the Coupon Code: ADOPT TWO If you choose to adopt more than one kitty 🐾

  • Kitty Adoption Information:

    All kitties have been Spayed/Neutered, Dewormed, Flea Medicated, received their first Vaccination and Tested Negitive for FIV & FeLV.

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