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Moonstone & Opal

Moonstone & Opal

Introducing Moonstone and Opal!

Available Now!

Names: Moonstone and Opal

Age: Approximately three months

Gender: Females

Coloring: All white with some light tabby and gray markings, gray ears, and gray tail

Eye Color: Blue

Breed: Siamese Lynx Point

Health Information:

- Spayed: Yes

- Dewormed: Yes

- Flea Medicated: Yes

- Vaccinated: Yes

- Tested for FIV and FELV: Negative

- Microchip: Yes


Moonstone and Opal are the epitome of adorable companionship. These two Siamese Lynx Point beauties with their mesmerizing blue eyes and medium, fluffy coats are simply irresistible. Abandoned when they were just babies, they've overcome their challenges and are now thriving, strong, and healthy kittens who adore human company. The moment you scoop them up, they begin to purr, melting your heart with their affectionate nature. Moonstone and Opal love nothing more than being held and being around people, showing just how resilient and loving they are.

Why You’ll Love Adopting Moonstone and Opal:

Adopting Moonstone and Opal together means inviting twice the love, joy, and happiness into your life. These inseparable sisters share a bond that's as strong as it is heartwarming. They complement each other perfectly, bringing double the cuddles, double the purrs, and double the fun. With their stunning looks and gentle personalities, Moonstone and Opal will quickly become cherished members of your family, spreading love and warmth wherever they go. Don't wait too long to scoop them up; these precious kittens are sure to find their forever home quickly due to their undeniable beauty and irresistible charm.

Open your heart and home to Moonstone and Opal, and experience the magic of having two loving companions by your side!


Beverley Faye

Popoki Puna Sanctuary

  • Returning an Adopted Kitty:

    *We will always take our kitties back but cannot give refunds*

  • Kitty Adoption Information:

    All kitties have been Spayed/Neutered, Dewormed, Flea Medicated, received their first Vaccination and Tested Negitive for FIV & FeLV.

  • Discounts Available:

    Use the Coupon Code: ADOPT TWO If you choose to adopt more than one kitty 🐾

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